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Welcome to the most amazing blog you will ever have the pleasure of experience. Here is where all your dreams will come true, and you will learn everything there is to know about running and exercising! Okay, so that is a bit if hyperbole, but I believe I do have some things to share based on my trials, errors and experiences.

My name is Tyler, and I have been running for a year now. That part of my life is a story unto itself, and one that continues to be written, but it all started in 1983 when I blessed this Earth, and the great state of Oklahoma, with my presence. I guess I was only a blessing if you actually find scary ginger babies, with bright curly red hair, adorable and endearing. To be honest, I terrify myself every time I see baby pictures, so I don't blame the general population for their obvious abhorrence of my people.

I don't have a whole lot to say about my 7 short years in Oklahoma except that it was flat, and they were obsessed with the land rush. Additionally, I was absolutely terrified of Pistol Pete, the mascot of the Oklahoma State Cowboys (seriously, watch one of their games and tell me he is not the most intensely scary thing you have ever seen?!). In 1990 my family moved across the Mason Dixon to a little town in Ohio called Oxford, home to Miami University. Therefore, I spent the majority of my life in small college towns, so I have very little experience with the fun and excitement of big cities. In fact, the biggest thing to happen to Oxford, in my recollection, was getting a Wal-Mart - yikes.

The best part of living in a small town is that, well, I don't know, but after getting my undergraduate degree in English Journalism from Miami (a more worthless degree in a recession does not exist), I moved to Dayton, Ohio in an attempt to break into the business world. After several resounding failures at sales, I went to Wright State University for my Masters in middle childhood education. Once again, I was struck by bad luck, as the outlook for teaching positions in many states, including Ohio, has become quite bleak. Currently, I am teaching kindergarten, but I am hoping to get a salaried position within my district this coming year, with an age that more fits my style of teaching.

My life has thrown quite a few trials and tribulations my way in the last few years, and I think that stress and fear helped push me towards my current addiction to running and fitness. I needed an outlet, and I needed to feel better about myself. Additionally, I was working all the time, so I needed a way to keep my energy up. I won't go into details here (get to know me here or on twitter and you can find out more), but I went through and am still going through a lot on a daily basis. Regardless, I maintain a positive attitude, and I now train like a crazy-person. I have lots of motivation, and I have goals, including running the Flying Pig in May, which was my primary goal from the moment I hit the pavement. Now I am on my way to that goal, and I have found a great blogger community to provide an additional outlet. You are all amazing people, so I hope my story, both past and present, will help you in some way, just like you help me.

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