I will never say that I am a cool, or that I am a food blog. Regardless, I have learned some basic foods that have helped fuel me during my training and transformation. I am just listing those food items that are above and beyond your usual healthy eating options, whether because they are simple and easy to consume, or they are so full of great stuff that you would be a fool not to eat them frequently.

Things I Am Trying:

Chia Seeds: these little seeds are considered a super food, and they are just starting to make their way into a store near you. Personally, I could not find them in Kroger, but Trader Joe's had their own brand of them. These little seeds are packed with great things like healthy omega-3 fats, and they even coat themselves with a water-based gel, making you feel full longer. Chia seeds are also a great source of healthy fiber! Personally, I like that these seeds are essentially tasteless, so unlike avacado, you can add them to just about anything and get the benefits. Personally, I just put a tablespoon of seeds in my oatmeal in the morning, and then half a tablespoon in my yogurt at lunch. I know a lot of people cook with these, but they aren't cheap, and I like to keep things simple.

Blueberries: I eat a lot of fruit, but right now I am addicted to blueberries. These little fruits are as good as candy, and they pack A LOT of benefits into a small package. Blueberries are full of all kinds of antioxidants, they help prevent many forms of cancer and heart disease, and they even help promote a healthy immune system and metabolism. What is there not to love!?

Broccoli: I will be the first to admit that I do not like vegetables. In fact, I eat them simply because I have to. I look at veggies like I am filling up my inner fuel tank, and there is I denying the insane amount of benefits these disgusting plants have. Right now, I am obsessed with what broccoli has to offer. These miniature trees are antiinflamatories, they help prevent many forms of cancer, they promote digestive health (great for runners), and they a great complex carbohydrate! I can't eat these without a dip, like I can with carrots, but there are plenty of healthy options for that.

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