Monday, December 3, 2012

Get It Started

Today marks the start of another week. I took yesterday off, so I was feeling fresh. I was not fresh enough, however, to make it to the gym in the morning. I "accidentally" turned my alarm off, so I must have needed a bit more sleep. I HAVE to go tomorrow morning though because I work my second job immediately after the first. Unfortunately, that also means I will not get in one workout, while still having to wake up at 4:30.

Before I talk about my workout, I wanted to mention the greatest thing I have ever seen. Here it is:

That's right folk; that's the wienermobile. This beautiful piece of machinery even had its own vanity plates. Clearly, I was a little excited, but I didn't get to go inside. They had it open, but I didn't want to wait in line, and the ony ones going in were little kids... I didn't want to be THAT guy. Gotta say though, the WM was pretty plush from what I could tell. Be jealous.

Aside from wienermobiles, I did get myself some solid exercise since my last post. Something about showing such a vulnerable side to myself is refreshing and motivating. There is no way I will ever go back to that person; I don't even know who that person is anymore. Saturday I went for one of my best runs since Tough Mudder. I went 7 miles with very little pain in my knee during or after. I am getting more and more hopefully that this wont be a long term or lifetime thing.

Today was a mixed bag. The gym was pretty busy, so my favorite machines were taken. I ended up watching Man On A Ledge in the cardio theatre while doing an hour on the stairclimber. Let me tell you, if you haven't had the pleasure, but the stair climber will tear you up. I was literally soaked in sweat when I was done, and I loved every second of it. In miles I did about 7, but in sweat I did about 13. I followed that insanity with some core and weight work. I didn't have a whole lot of time, as I have been putting my emphasis on cardio, but it felt good.

On another side note, I looked into becoming a Crossfit instructor. I would love to be able to teach some kind of class on evenings and weekends. I just don't know if I can stomach or afford the $1000 upfront. I will have to look around at other certifications. I may also need to get into some classes at my gym and see what is what. I am so used to doing my own thing, it might be good to change things up.

How are you all starting off your weeks?

Who has seen the wienermobile in all its glory?

Anyone know anything about getting certified for crossfit? Do you know of any other good certifications?

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  1. The stairmaster scares the crap out of me! I hate climbing stairs and the fact that people say "it tears the crap out of them" make me shy away! lol
    I have never done crossfit but have always wanted to try it out.

  2. haahah the weinermobile, legendary!

    I seen Man on a Ledge - what'd you think of it?!

    I'm with Missy, I can't even correctly and fully explain how brutal I think the stairmaster is. I gave it a try, 2 minutes, done. Never again!!

  3. Keep at the stairclimber, it has helped mm my hill running. It is rough though.

    Man on a ledge was perfect workout material; I didn't have to think too much, and it was entertaining enough. Ed Harris is great too; I love that guy.

  4. Have you ever read msfitrunner's blog? she is the stairmaster queen! She busts out 45-1 hr workouts on that thing. I can maybe do about 15 minutes before I quit. Though you say it's helped your hill running, so that's some extra motivation! That weinermobile is pretty hilarious!

    1. That and the cross trainer are great for hill training, so I recommend the. I now see hills as a place to gain ground in people, not to fall behind. Amazing how comfortable my legs are on inclines. I will have to check out that blog; it sounds like we are kindred spirits.

  5. Awesome WM!! I have never seen it, consider yourself lucky :) My week is off to a fantastic start because I was able to run 1 shining, pain free mile yesterday after about 2 months of no running.

    1. Read back a bit, and you will see that I have been fighting back to long runs. There is nothing worse than having to lay off or stop. I am so happy that you were able to get back out there, even if it was short!

  6. great job on that run there! keep up the great work...but ugh, i'm so sorry that u have to get up so flipping early!!

    okay, epic AWESOMENESS on the WM!! i've never seen it in person but sooo would be taking pix too. :)

    1. I got up successfully this time! It was close though; I almost slept through my first alarm. I am proud of myself, and I will pat myself on the back later.

      Oh, the wienermobile almost got carjacked; I was so tempted.