Monday, December 10, 2012

The Elf On The Weight Shelf

Teaching Kindergarten is often about patience and understanding. Teaching kindergarten is also about trickery and bribery - just not as much. Today was a clear example of trickery, and I think you will all enjoy the concept. Bear with me because I will make a training connection here eventually. Today I introduced my classroom's Elf On The Shelf, which has been given, by my kiddoes, the name Milo. Ladies and gentlemen, Milo the Elf:

If you don't know anything about Elf on the Shelf, essentially, it is just a little stuffed animal that you tell kids is a magic a elf who watches them and reports back to Santa. This was originally intended for parents, but many teachers have now adopted it in the classroom. The key is that the kids immediately become very aware of their behaviors, so they begin to consistently act appropriately. I love it!

Now for my connection: what if we all had an adult version of the elf? Obviously, this elf is not a pervert, so he just watches you for one purpose: are you exercising and training hard enough? If you aren't, the elf on the weight shelf will report back to Santa, and you won't be getting those Vibrams or Procompressions you asked for. I am going to make sure I maintain my 100% philosophy this holiday season because seriously need a heart rate monitor. Make sure you are all getting after it!

I always attempted to stay on the good boy list by working my weekend away. Fortunately, I love my second job, but it was still tough to essentially move from one week right into the next without a break. This made my training over the weekend nearly nonexistent, but it was for a good cause. I work for my county's board of developmental disabilities, and we throw a Christmas Fair and Christmas party every year. I had a good time both days, and I could tell we were really making a difference in many kid's and adult's lives.

There was a time when I was asked to wrap presents in the Secret Santa Shop. I don't know what my boss was thinking, but I am not a great wrapper. I am pretty sure some kids went home and cried because their gift was wrapped so poorly. Okay, this is hyperbole, but I was less than confident in my abilities, and I know I used too much tape. At least I rock at doodling:

Since I didn't have much time over the weekend, I only managed a 4.5 mile run on Saturday. This was less than I was hoping, but I simply ran out of time before having to head to a friend's Christmas party. Sunday was a mandatory rest day after an otherwise productive week of training. I needed it for sure. I felt nice and rested for a new week!

Today was all about the stair climber. I tried something new on it, too. I switched between going forward, climbing sideways, and climbing backwards. There were a few times where this felt somewhat precarious. If you have seen or been on a stairclimber, you know how high off the ground you are, so being backwards on it is pretty scary. I survived 50 minutes on t though, and I am happy about that. I then added a half hour of weights on the chest and back. Overall, not the toughest workout ever, but a good start to the week. I will have more time tomorrow, so the elf won't have anything negative to say. You are welcome, Santa.

Have you heard about or used an elf on the shelf?

What kinds of weird Christmas traditions do you have?

Do you have anything special you have to do to stay motivated over the Holidays?

How was you Monday of training? How was your weekend?

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  1. I love the idea of elf on the weight shelf! I got in a nice cross country soo tonight, great cross training! You were right about Home Alone being on again, I'm watching it right now.

  2. That is funny because I am watching it too... Again. I am not ashamed.

  3. I cannot believe you teach kindergarten and have the energy to work out as much as you do! No wonder you took the weekend slow. Good for you. My rest day is tomorrow and I could tell I needed it on the track tonight. I didn't do a full-on speed workout but went to the track just to do a hard mile to see where I am at. After that, my legs were done.

  4. Even a mile on a track sounds miserable. There are many reasons I never did track, and running in circles is one. At least I can watch the TV on the stair climber. I respect the heck out of you for that though. It is nice knowing more exact distances for speed work.

    Yeah, my weeks wear me out, especially with a few two-a-days thrown in there. I think it would drive many people mad.

  5. I love the Elf on the Shelf, all my friends are doing it for their kids. Everyone is posting their pics on facebook and they are pretty hilarious!
    I have never done the stair climber but going backwards sounds terrifying! lol
    I like your idea of Elf on the Shelf for workouts...nice relation.

    1. It is priceless. Kindergarten is the perfect age for trickery.

      Yeah, I think we all need an elf on the shelf sometimes.

  6. We do a Danish version of Elf on the Shelf I suppose. In Denmark (my mom's Danish) a little Christmas elf leaves a small toy in the kids' stockings each morning from Dec 1-24. This elf, we say, reports back to Santa ;)

    So wonderful that you teach kindergarten! It must be incredibly rewarding. Having a great kindergarten teacher is priceless! Your second job as well.