Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ten For Thursday

Today's workout: 10.5 miles in 60 minutes on the elliptical. 30 minutes on the weights doing biceps, triceps and shoulders. I ran out of time for core work, but I think I have done some good work on that area overall this week. I feel like my elliptical workout was crazy intense, even if it wasn't the most mileage I have put in in that time. This is later in the week, obviously, so I am not at my peak, but I still managed to achieve my goal. I definitely had to push myself to get through it. Weights felt great, too. I am definitely going in a great direction in terms of my overall strength, which I think is key heading into a week or so long break.
As it goes, I am not looking forward to shutting things down. Since I got into running and fitness almost a year ago, I have not missed more than 3 days without some kind of a workout. I get antsy after a day's rest, so I can't imagine how I am going to feel. I think this impending break is pushing me towards some great training this week, so at least something is coming out of it. I just hope I don't come home with too big of a food baby to get rid of.
I appreciate all the suggestions I have received regarding my knee. I am looking forward to reporting back about it, and I am definitely going in with a very positive attitude. Overall, my knee feels pretty good. I have done an 8 mile road run on it without major pain. I just want it to have time to get as close to 100% as possible. Unfortunately, this will leave me with very little to talk about for next week. I guess, in the end, everyone will be busy anyways.
In terms of everything else going on with me, my class has been really impressing me as the week has gone on. I was really worried that my students were losing their minds after Monday, but they have really come around and made vast improvements in their behaviors (overall). I don't want to get carried away because I still think my little crazies would drive most people nuts after a day, but I am happy with the progress. The week before Christmas break is one of the most challenging for any teacher in any grade.
I am also looking forward to "showing off" the new me to members of my family that haven't seen me since last Christmas. I think the change is pretty drastic, so I am expecting some astonished faces. I am very proud of where I have come and where I am going. I deserve to be a little vain ;)
What did your family do when you first got into running?
If you have been a runner most of your life, how do you keep at it?
If you have kids, is the holidays crazy or great for you?
How is your week going in life and training?
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  1. I'm sure the week off will be nothing but good for you! There's always time to get back to it (thats what I keep telling myself anyway...if for no other reason than to keep from going crazy as I transition back from injury). My week of training is going great, mileage is very slowly increasing and I'm getting stronger...have some holiday/injury lbs to lose though!!

    1. Jade, you are a bad ass just for fighting back in the first place. So many people would just give up! Keep going and never look back!

  2. You should absolutely be proud of the lifestyle change you've been through in the past year. I hope you have a great time with family over the break!

    I had never wore a pair of flat shoes, let alone running shoes, until I started running about 1.5/2 years ago. My friends and family were shocked then, and STILL are now! haha!
    Also, about the house in your area with the lights you mentioned - was the neighbourhood annoyed when all the traffic started to come in?? It takes a lot to annoy me, I think it's all in good fun!

    1. You mean you just wore heels? Never understood that painful choice. Plus, I think women's legs look better in a pair of Brooks.

      The people in the neighborhood were pissed! They would come home from a long day of work, and it would take an extra half hour to get home.

  3. I haven't always been a runner and my family is completely supportive of it! Good luck with your family, I'm sure they will be super awesome and excited to see the new you! You look great btw!

    1. Thanks, Missy! I knew I liked you for a reason!