Saturday, November 10, 2012

Get Excited!

Today was amazing; I am still buzzing! The weather here was unseasonably warm, so I had to go out for a run. I headed out the door in the afternoon after a morning of errands, and I was fairly nervous. I could feel hints of my knee, but I was determined to focus on good form during my run.

I resolved to only go as far as my knee would let me go, at a reasonably slow/comfortable pace. I didn't feel fast, but at the first mile I was pacing at 8:30; I could believe it! Plus, I couldn't feel any sense of pain in my knee. I kept going, speeding up, focusing on landing soft, working with my hips, using my muscles instead of my joints, staying loose and loving the act.

As I continued, I could tell my knee wasn't 100%, but it also wasn't nagging me. I also wasn't in pain, so I knew I could keep going. The only time it was a little annoying was coming down a hill, where I had to dial back and land different. I shifted my style a bit, shifting my weight forward and extending my stride, allowing my knees to bend my more and stretch out. This act helps, and I also stretch my knees in this way on flatter surfaces where I had the extra energy to do so.

By my sixth mile, I was thrilled. I had been enjoying myself, and I was closing in on a solid practice 10k time. I finish under 50 minutes at a 7:55/mi clip. I made sure to stay loose during my cool down, and stretched my knees a bit.

It is now over and hour since the run, and my knee feels fine. I took some fish oil and a protein shake, so my recovery and joints should heal quick. I will report more tomorrow, as I would love to go out again, but I am just happy with my progress. I am thinking this might not linger after all! That would make me so incredibly happy, you have no idea; or maybe you do... Not being able to run... I don't want to think about it.

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