Sunday, November 25, 2012

I'm Back - A Story Of Food

So, I am back home after a nice vacation. We loved the resort we stayed in, and we had a blast all week. I am pretty Disneyed out at this point though. Plus, the weather wasn't a warm as I would have liked. I suppose it made coming back to freezing temps a little easier.

I wasn't perfect in my training all week, but I think for being on vacation, I did get in a pretty solid amount of work. Fortunately, the resort had a nice fitness facility because the area wasn't designed for runners. Some of the resorts have trails, so I thought this one might as well; I was wrong. I went for one short run around the area, but I ended up having to do a few laps around a parking lot; I wasn't impressed. At least the cooler weather and sunshine was great for it.

I feel pretty good though. I think a little extra rest was good for me. I just wish I had toned down the eating a little bit. I am not real good at the whole portion control thing, and my choices were not exactly healthy. Whatever though; I was on vacation. Sometimes you just need to live a little. Now though, I am going to get back into things on an intense level.

Today I ran 5 miles with a little extra time before football. My knee was sore, but I feel good now. I think my body just needs to adjust. Plus, I am working n my form. Tomorrow is a two-a-day, cardio in the morning and lifting in the afternoon. I will also get back into my blog routine. I am looking forward to being back into things.

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