Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Half A Week At 100%

It is Wednesday, and I have been making a conscious effort to be at 100% all week. I have to say, it hasn't always been easy. I have a few students that try my every nerve, and I haven't been able to get up the energy to get up at 4:30am to do a two-a-day. I would give myself an overall grade of about 90% so far. I am still recovering from vacation I think.

I feel pretty good about things so far though. I just need to keep in mind that I won't ever be perfect. I just need to always be doing my best. I would say this is the exact same philosophy of racing.

As for my training, I feel great. I was a little lagged on Monday from a week of eating garbage. I didn't know how fast I would get back to things, but I felt surprisingly fantastic yesterday and today. I stayed to the elliptical both days, as I am attempting to keep stress off the joints, but I was very happy with my performances. Yesterday I did 3.1mi at 19:45 and then finished at 8 total miles at about 52 min. Today I did the same 3.1 at 18:40, 6.2 at 37:55 and 8 at 48:30.

I have increased my cardio time, so my lifting time is diminished. This is why I really wanted to have the energy to get up in the morning too. I can do so much more when I have the time. Still, I have had time to work my major areas, and I've done some extra work on the core. I am loving how my body feels. I really think the vacation has entirely refreshed my system.

With that in mind, what refreshes your system most?

What does it take for you to really feel good about a workout (plenty of time, reaching mental goals, visibly working harder to everyone around you)?

What is inspiring you to be 100%?

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  1. I really love your blog name! I too am a running ginger. This is my first visit but I am quite impressed with your speed! Waking up super early is so hard. I love running but I have to say I think sleep refreshes me the most.

  2. Thanks! Gingers were born to run. And to burn instantly on a cloudy day. I prefer he running, with 50spf of course.

    I wouldn't be too impressed considering it was on an elliptical. My current 5k PR is just under 21min. Has been awhile though. I may be under 20... I will report back soon. Prob doing a New Years 5k or 5 miler.

  3. I have a ridiculous love/hate relationship with the elliptical - I find it SO hard. I would much rather run for 10 miles than get on that thing for 30 minutes! haha, that said, great job!

    I can't imagine getting up at 4:30am to work out, nothing would be functioning at that point! :D

  4. Trust me, I feel the same way. Just trying to get my knee right. I miss running every time!

    Getting up at 4:30 is miserable, but I do feel great the rest of the day. It is just that first 30 minutes. Additionally, I have the hardest time getting my contacts in because I can't get my darn eyes open.

  5. i'm sure any kind of teaching/instructing would kill me. no joke, my tolerance for certain things would probably NOT be able to keep me on this side of patient so MAJOR props to u for not just exploding over there. i'd say in that respect allowing urself to not give full 100% to certain cases/people where it's a bit of a losing battle is okay, so that u can delegate the extra attention to something that IS worth more effort. i guess if that makes

    good job on getting back into the swing of things, after a vaca it's usually a little brutal. keep up the awesome running, on that one i'll ALWAYS back giving 100% hehe..and i'm glad u're doing core work too, that will really help the running. :)

  6. I know what you mean. The key is forcing yourself to reach out to every kid. Sometimes the worst ones are the ones that need the most help. I work in a fairly impoverished area, so I deal with a lot of crazy stuff. I have students that show behaviors because they have no food at home, and they get beat on, so they act out to avoid having to go home. I just have to keep in mind where they are coming from. Plus, I get a lot of hugs, so that makes it easier.