Monday, October 15, 2012

Always Move Forward

For whatever reason this was my worst workout in awhile. I had a tough time getting going through my cardio, the burpees between miles were rough, and I just wasn't feeling it. The following chest and back lifting was atrocious. I just wasn't feeling as strong as I should. I was definitely hungry, so that might be a factor, but I am always hungry. I had a few skittles earlier in the day, so maybe my body was thrown off by the sugar. Maybe I drank too much over the weekend, and I am still a little dehydrated, but I don't feel it.

For whatever reason, it just wasn't a good day. I think the main reason is the change from warm to cold weather, a dreary day, and just feeling all around in a funk. Hopefully I can work out of it tomorrow. I just feel crappy after the only person to compliment me in my new contacts was a guy. Amazing how emotions and confidence can play into a work out.

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