Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I See You Tough Mudder

With Mudder a week and a half away, I am feeling pretty good about things. I am not going to be going for any crazy records because I will just be trying to support my team, but I really want to be the strongest on the team. If I can motivate the rest of the guys to keep moving, then I think I will have done my job. I can't wait to be jumping over walls, running through mud pits, and carrying logs up hills; I have officially lost my mind.

More proof that I have lost my mind: I am registering for the 2013 Flying Pig in the next few days. I want to make sure to do the early bird and get the best price. It is just crazy to be making plans for something that is so far away. Regardless, registering will give me even more motivation to train hard through the winter and early spring. The Pig has always been my primary focus since I started training, so it is pretty wild to be signing up for it finally. I really want to come and out do great in it. I have so many reasons to keep working hard and moving forward, so I just need to keep at it, focus on staying healthy, and work harder on my nutrition.

I continued in earnest today after my usual abbreviated Tuesday workout. I did a half hour of crossfit and interval training. Then I hit the weights with a new found intensity. My muscles felt strong and I looked great. My form is getting better, and I am loving the new workout additions. I am trying to do exercises that incorporate multiple muscle groups at the same time. This allows me to fit more in in a lesser amount of time. I cannot wait to keep moving my fitness towards previously impossible goals.

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