Saturday, October 6, 2012

Going Strong

I set a goal for today last weekend: 18 miles, no matter what. I even made a post on Facebook just to add another level of accountability. In the end, I made it! I was pretty exhausted, and it was fairly slow (9min miles), but I am still proud of myself and my body. Now I will go for 20 miles after the weekend of tough Mudder in three weeks. Once I get to 20 miles I will simply set that as my limit until the flying pig in May. I will progressively get moe comfortable at that mileage, and then I will be far for capable of competing in the big event and following events. I don't want to just start from the ground up like a lot of people who run marathons just to say they did it. I want marathons to become a part of my normal competition. How else will I ever accomplish some of my impossible goals?

I am glad I ran a few miles yesterday to loosen up a little bit. I was pretty sore after my lifting on Thursday, so I need to get out there and just get some action. I tried out some light cross training in the process (60 push ups every miles for 3 miles). I think I will incorporate more of this in the future, but I am not sure how. I don't want to have to go to a park just to train, and the nearest park with cross training isn't right around the corner. I will keep this updated, but it should help give me another edge.

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