Thursday, October 25, 2012

I love Thursdays

For whatever reason, I think Thursdays are generally my best workouts of the week (at least at the gym). Today was no different. I had some quality cardio and lifting. My arms felt really good, and I should be able to up the weight next week. Once I hit the weights alone, I really focused on going from one exercise to the next in quick succession. I wanted to make sure that I kept my heart rate up the whole time. I am going to continue to improve on this n order to reap the most benefits from my time.

I am really considering getting up and going to the gym tomorrow morning. I say that now but who knows? I love the benefits from morning workouts, but I am always so tired. My schedule and days are always intense, then add some hardcore working out after work... I am need my sleep. Still, if I am going to really get better, I need to do two-a-days a few days a week.

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