Saturday, September 8, 2012

Moving On Up

I felt like I needed to step things up a little this weekend. With that in mind, I went out and ran the longest I ever have. Oddly enough? It wasn't even that difficult. I set t goal early, so I knew what I wanted to do, and I did it at under 8.5 a mile.

I really enjoyed myself on this on this one. The weather was absolutely amazing, my legs felt good and my endurance was solid. I am really going to be able to go forward in my training with confidence after this one. In fact, my goal for my next long run will be even father; just not sure when that will be. I have a 5k next Sunday, and then I have a 14k the weekend after that. Maybe I will do one on Wednesday or Thursday. We will see. Here is a picture from the run. Didn't take any others because I was in the zone.

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