Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Benchmark

I reached my running goal for the day, and I couldn't have asked for a better day to do so. When I started my 16 mile affair it was cloudy and borderline cold. When I finished, it was sunny and perfect running temperature. Despite the slight burn in my legs, I was really able to enjoy myself at around an 8.5min mi pace. I added a new neighborhood to add distance and I was really impressed with how beautiful it was. Of course, this neighborhood is built around a country club, but I will take it. Part of the joy of running is the scenery; it is always nice to have some new things to look at.

On a more comical note, I had to pee around mile 6, and I just didn't want to deal with it, so I ran into some woods and did my business. I have to take some new things into consideration when I am hydrating so much before long runs. I even had some water with me, so I had to go again later. Annoying. As for the water situation, I really need a camel back. I got really tired of carrying around a bottle, and I don't want anything around my waste. Besides, when I get a bike I can use the camel back for that too.

With a new distance record under my belt, I am making sure to ice my legs big time. I am drinking a ton of water and consuming protein whenever possible. I should be back to training no problem after resting tomorrow.

As for the body itself, I can tell my BMI is going down considerably. I must have got over the hill so to speak. Should be a fun week in the weight room now that I am seeing more visual results.

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