Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nearly There

My foot is feeling much better today. I really think I will be back at it tomorrow in terms of running. I am very excited. Not running is driving me bonkers. I do like getting in some weights on my legs at least. It is going to help me tone some areas that running doesn't hit as much.

As for today's workout, I do feel pretty good about it overall. I think my chest and back are really starting to come along. I need to do more weighted core exercises though. Just hard to fit everything in in an hour and a half. I also worked quads, hamstrings, gluts and thighs. I am thinking all this rest is going to result in a great run, as long as my allergies feel even better tomorrow; they were bearable today.

Wouldn't have been able to run much today either; it was way too rainy today. I think tomorrow will be much improved. Here is hoping.

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