Monday, September 17, 2012

The Quick Ginger

5k #2 is done and I now have a new benchmark for my personal success. Unfortunately I was unable to pull down first overall in the last .2 miles but I will take a second place finish. Additionally, I did it against a guy 7 or 8 years my junior. I finished with a time of 20.58, .02 seconds under my personal goal, on a course that was almost exclusively uphill. In fact, the last mile left me nearly alone because most people had gassed out. I do have to admit that there was not a lot of competition, even on a beautiful day; apparently the fact that the race was during football had a dramatic impact on the turnout. Regardless, I think I would have done well either way, or had even done better with more people. I was in front for most of the race, so had I had someone to pace with, I probably would have gone faster.

Now I move forward with a question mark; I am no longer doing a 14k this coming weekend as my friend got the flu and has been unable to train. Now I need to figure out if I want to do one more race before Tough Mudder in October, or if I just want to train like normal. I know I want to start some leg lifting at the gym, but I need to figure out my training for the next few weeks. This coming weekend will probably include a 16 mile run, and I am going to focus hard on my diet (was a bad weekend in that department). I am also going to work on my form while doing chest and back. I will have to report back when I decide on everything else.

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